Medispon Absorbable haemostatic gelatin sponge
MEDISPON gelatin spong was designed to facilitate fast and effective haemostasis. It perfectly stops intra-operative bleeding and shortens the time of surgical procedure. Homogenous parasity of the material ensures effective haemostatic properties. Medispon is completely absorbed after implantation.
Bonewax Three component bone wax. Fast haemostasis in ossecus tissue.
Bonewax bone was designed to ensure fast and mechanical haemostasis in the asseous tissue. It is made of three high quality components; Beeswax, paraffin, isopropyl palmitate.
Owing to its three component structure the wax is very plastic and can be easily formed. It is sufficient to warm it up in one's hands a moment before use. Bonewax ensures local asseous haemostasis because it acts a mechanical barrier (dressing). It does not have any biochemical action and is minimally absorbed.
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